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Concrete Cowboy HDMovie Download Free The city of Philadelphia is currently expanding over the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, and many of its former residents have been forced to “ride again” and find a new place to settle and maintain their history, as Concrete Cowboy points out. Last summer, Concrete Cowboy was filmed on Fletcher Lane, but it is now in dire need of assistance to get back on its feet and reestablish itself. A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the Fletcher Street Riding Club, with the goal of raising $100,000 to help the nonprofit help young Black inner-city kids and provide a sanctuary for the urban riding community and their animals once again.

Concrete Cowboy Movie Watch Online Free HDMovies As the film points out, in today’s world, Black cowboys have been hit the hardest by gentrification in areas like North Philadelphia. It is becoming more difficult for an urban community like the Black cowboys to thrive as neighbourhoods around places like the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club become more populated with affluent people and better housing. As the film demonstrates, a community like the one Cole is introduced to will assist young people in the region in being part of a close-knit collective that can encourage success and hard work in deprived areas of cities.

Another big issue raised by Concrete Cowboy is why Black cowboy cultures have been systematically erased not just from mass media but also from their own homes. Black cowboys have existed for hundreds of years, but they are rarely portrayed in history or recent western films. According to reports, black cowboys started working in Texas. After the Emancipation Proclamation liberated the large slave population (estimated at 182,566 by the Smithsonian), many of them went to work on cattle ranches, which is when these cowboys appeared.

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