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Cosmic Sin HDMovie Download Free “Cosmic Sin” takes place in the year 2524, when humans have formed colonies on other planets. (In a set of opening title cards, we get 500 years of exposition.) When we first meet Willis’ iconic Gen. Ford, aka “The Blood General,” he has been retired for his warmongering ways, as he once wiped out tens of millions of people, including innocent civilians, by dropping a “Q-bomb” to put down an uprising. When the plot thickens, however, Gen. Ford is summoned to lead the obligatory cast of colorful characters on a secret mission to conquer an alien planet and destroy the enemy before it can carry out its scheme to take over Earth.

Cosmic Sin Movie Watch Online Free HDMovies As Gen. Ryle, who has a grudging respect for the old warhorse Blood General as they team up on this apparently suicidal mission, the ubiquitous Frank Grillo shares equal poster billing with Willis but is underused. Dr. Lea Goss, a renowned scientist who is Ford’s ex and left him because he was too preoccupied with being the Blood General to spend quality time at home, is played by Perrey Reeves (“Entourage”). Lana, aka C.J. Perry, plays a yellow-braided warrior called Sol who teams up with Ford and his crew to wage war on a world that looks eerily similar to the woods of Georgia, since “Cosmic Sin,” like seemingly any other movie these days, was shot there.

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Even though he only appears in a few listless scenes, Bruce Willis has recently been lending his name to low-budget, mostly forgettable action films branded as “Bruce Willis movies.” The good news is that Willis appears in a significant amount of the explosive science-fiction film “Cosmic Sin.” General James Ford, his character, is directly involved in roughly half of the action.

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