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False Positive HDMovie Download Free Lucy’s concerns about Dr. Hindle and her husband grow as the pregnancy progresses, and both of them become the objects of her bizarre hallucinations à la Rosemary’s Baby. The guys advise her not to see Grace (Zainab Jah), a midwife whom Lucy consults nevertheless. Dr. Hindle diagnoses Lucy with “mommy brain” and prescribes a modest dose of Xanax. Lucy’s fears appear to be justified when she catches her husband making love with Dr. Hindle in a hotel room after snooping around. When she opens her home safe, she discovers a dossier on her that appears to show Dr. Hindle has been following her every step. It’s unclear whether or not the makeout session was a dream.

False Positive Movie Watch Online Free HDMovies False Positive, billed as a pregnancy horror film, will make you uncomfortable as you watch Pierce Brosnan wield a speculum. The first half of the Hulu drama follows Lucy (Ilana Glazer), a woman who falls pregnant after seeing Dr. John Hindle (Brosnan), a famous fertility expert who also trained her husband Adrian (Justin Theroux). Her happiness about her pregnancy fades fast as she suspects that her doctor and spouse are deceiving her. You’re not alone in scratching your head over that bizarre conclusion. We’ll break down the odd third act ahead to explain the puzzling developments. IMDB

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