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Rising Wolf HDMovie Download Free The tale of 20-something Aria Wolf (Best) being tossed around like a cloth doll in a lift flying dangerously fast between the 120 levels of a half-finished Shanghai high rise will undoubtedly be told in “Rising Wolf.” Aria is helpless before independent Russian specialist Yaroslav, who has essentially little review of her new history or how she finished herself in the present circumstance (Alex Menglet). Yaroslav has stole Aria’s dad, Richard (Jonny Pasvolsky), and is live-streaming his torment on the lift’s camera screens. He’s a standard-issue snarling sicko with a mandatory pack of husky cohorts available to him. IMDB

Rising Wolf Movie Watch Online Free HDMovies It’s nothing unexpected to discover that Richard has a dim foundation including the CIA, and the lone way Aria can save his life is by uncovering the name of “The Engineer.” Aria depends on a voice message from her mom, Barbara (Susan Prior), and ensuing cell phone chats with Uncle Jack, an esteemed relative or relative (it’s indistinct which) whose face is never shown and whose genuine character is clear right away.

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